14218086_10157524580795226_1434972304_nBlack, Green, White, Oolong, Pu-Erh,Rooibos; the list goes on. While there is an extensive, and I mean extensive, amount of teas on the market, let’s dive into the differences between our favorite brews.

Black: If you like variety, this is the tea for you. Black tea flavors can range from light and mellow, to rich and full-bodied. If you are new to black tea, I recommend trying Twinnings or Earl Gray brand. Don’t forget to add a dash of cream and sugar to this dark and toasty delight!

Fun fact: Black tea is called “red” tea in China

Green: My personal favorite. I mean it must be delicious, it’s been around since a few thousand years before the birth of Christ. The taste of green tea varies depending on how it’s brewed. I most commonly find it sweet and fruity. If you want to add a little zest, feel free to add in a lemon slice, or honey to sweeten.

Fun fact: Legend has it that Shen Nung, the second emperor of China discovered Green tea when leaves blew into his pot of boiling water

White: You probably haven’t heard much about white tea. “Why?” you ask. White tea is one of the rarest teas in the world. White teas are the least processed, as they are hand-plucked. Unlike black and green teas, white teas hardly have an aroma and taste extremely light. White tea also has no bitterness, and typically no aftertaste.

Fun fact: White tea has anti-aging properties which help in maintaining good health and healthy skin

Oolong: If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, oolong should be your cup of “happteaness.” Oolong tea is light and sweet. It often tastes like peaches or tropical flowers. It is also highly aromatic, so if you want to freshen up the air in your office space, brew yourself a cup of Oolong.

Fun fact: When produced in China, Oolong tea has a more dark and “woodsy” taste, but when produced in Taiwan, it tastes more floral

Pu-erh: I stumbled across Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh tea at Teavana about two years ago. At the time, I hadn’t heard much about Pu-Erh, so I decided to do my research. It turns out, Pu-Erh tea is good for your metabolism and digestive system. It is best to drink Pu-Erh tea about an hour after you eat a meal. Pu-Erh flavors can vary, but the Strawberry Slender tea from Teavana has an earthy taste and is slightly bitter.

Fun fact: Pu-Erh tea is believed to remedy hangovers (you made need some after indulging in my Tips.tea recipes here: )

Rooibos: If caffeine isn’t your thing, this is the tea for you. Naturally decaffeinated, Rooibos is a smooth and mild tea. It often has a fruity and sweet flavor. Because it is so mild, you will not be able to successfully re-steep it.

Fun fact: While most teas are grown in Asia, Rooibos is native to South Africa and is pronounced “roy-boss.”